Johnny the film maker

After my accident, and the breakdown I suffered afterwards, my friend Roger Gregory lent me a video camera to help me get out and about again.  So, off I went out on Exmoor and started filming.  I found I loved it.

I already knew and understood wildlife from my poaching days, so found it easy to get up close.  I was soon getting some great shots.  Then I began making films that I sold at our local markets.  It all took off from there.

Making my own films is what I still do for the most part.  I’ve made over 30 DVD’s to date, on all sorts of subjects: red deer, badgers, the fox, stoats and otters, many different birds including the tawny owl, Exmoor itself and, of course, our very special three legged deer Bambi.  My latest venture is the wild boar that roam hereabouts.


Deer stalking

Here is a clip from one of my BBC programmes when they filmed me stalking deer. It's not so easy to get up close with a film crew in tow, as you'll see.