Man of Exmoor

I just love Exmoor.  To me and my wife Julie it is the most special place in the world.  I’ve lived there all my life and do everything I can to help look after the moor and preserve it for future generations.

So what makes Exmoor such a special place?  It’s the beautiful landscape; the rolling hills, deep valleys, rivers and bubbling streams, woodlands and open moorland, and her changing moods as the seasons come and go.

Most dear to my heart is the wonderful wildlife.  We have deer, badgers, foxes, otters and stoats to name just a few, birds too varied to list, and the ancient Exmoor pony. 

How lucky I am to be able to share all this with the people who come on my safaris.

Then there are the people of the moor and the old traditions that still survive here and there.  I’ll be introducing some of them to you in my friends of Johnny pages.

If you don’t know Exmoor then please come and visit.  I know you won’t be disappointed.  If you’ve been before, then come again.  We’d love to welcome you back.