Johnny the presenter


My first work as a wildlife presenter was for Yorkshire Television in 1992 (broadcast in November 1993).  It came about after a journalist for the Daily Telegraph bought one of my first DVD’s while he was down in Devon on holiday.  He wrote an article in the paper calling it a ‘masterpiece’ (I still feel flattered) and I was immediately approached by Yorkshire Television to make a film about my life on Exmoor.  They called it The Secret of Happiness.  At the time I could never have imagined what it would lead to.  How things can change in your life.

Since then I’ve done many series on TV, most of them set on Exmoor but a few further afield.  Lapland was one experience I shall never forget.  There is a list below of most of my TV work in case you are interested.  Maybe you saw some of the programmes.  If so, I hope you enjoyed watching them as much as I did making them.   I’ll let you know of anything new coming up.


Johnny Kingdom, A Year on Exmoor (10 programmes)
Johnny Goes to Lapland (1 hour special)
Johnny’s New Kingdom (10 programmes)
Johnny Goes to Scotland (1 hour Christmas special)
Johnny Kingdom’s Year with the Birds (3 programmes)
Autumnwatch 2011 – starting Friday 7 October 2011
Johnny live Friday 21 October 2011


Johnny Kingdom’s Wild West (8 programmes)
Johnny Kingdom, A Countryman’s Diary (8 programmes)
Johnny Kingdom’s Safari (5 programmes)


Johnny Kingdom Wild About… (6 programmes) Coming soon – dates to follow.

Clips from some of the above can be viewed on YouTube and on the website of TV production company Available Light: