Fri 2nd Aug 2013

It’s been another busy month and we’ve had some wonderful weather at last.

I’m still working hard down on the land. I’ve been doing something about the old hide up on the hillside. Julie’s been on at me for a while about what an eyesore it is. It’s built around my old chariot that I used to sell my videos from. I’ve towed that think to wildlife shows all over the place and had it in Barnstaple market each week.

My friend Mike Warren has been helping me take it apart ready to move down to the pond to make a new hide. When we were breaking it up we found a bumblebee nest in one end, made in some of that foamy stuff you use to insulate attics. A swarm of them flew out at us when we disturbed them and we runned like hell across the field.

We’ve left that part of the hide there but have moved the chariot down to the pond now. I’m going to make it into a kingfisher hide.

There’s also a big wasps nest in a container in the loge up on the land. The wasps are quite vicious and someone who was up there with me the other day got stung five times when they approached it.

I’ve now finished the bridge across to the feeding station and am working on the new hide there that I told you about last month. I went and got some bark slats from Portsmouth Arms sawmill and I’ll put them around both the new hides to help them blend in.

The pond is looking good. The lovely irises are over but there are sixteen big white lilies the size of footballs on one patch and some pretty red lilies as well.

I’ve seen a fair bit of wildlife recently.  There are still a few boar piglets coming to feed. They seem to come and go but I don’t always see them. I know when they come though as they leave mud on the ferns.

The other night I drove up the new road I’ve made and saw a roe deer and two young ones. They were so pretty. Another day I saw five big stags up in the field, three with full grown antlers. We’ve cut the field and made some lovely hay.

I’ve even seen three badger cubs that are quite big now and very shy. They’re down by the new hide by the feeding station. I’m going to try and get some good shots of them over the next few weeks.

I mentioned before that there have been a good number of siskins about this year. They like to nest in the gorse and the pine trees. It must have been a good season for them as there are a

lot of juveniles about at the moment.

I was at Exmoor Zoo this Wednesday and had a great time doing a talk, showing some of my DVD’s and talking to all the lovely people. It’s a really special place to visit and I’ll be there every Wednesday over the summer. Next Wednesday (7th August) I’ll be with them at the North Devon Show. It’s going to be a great day out so do come and say hello if your around.

Then in two weeks time I’m off to Rutland Water Birdfair which runs from Friday 16th August to Sunday 18th August. I go every year and love it there. I do talks, take children pond-dipping, go on osprey trips and have a stall with all my DVD’s books and photos. I hope to see some of you there.

Well I think all that is going to keep me pretty busy until I speak to you again next month. God bless and enjoy this summer weather.

The photo is of a cock chaffinch, siskin and great tit in the rain.