Mon 17th September

Well another month has flown by. I don’t know where the time goes to. The season is beginning to change here on Exmoor and it won’t be long before we think about the red deer rut coming around again.

I want to tell you a bit about the moor and some of the places I like to go as people are always asking me.

Exmoor is very different to Dartmoor, which is further south in our lovely county of Devon. Dartmoor is a special place as well and great for walking but it’s more rugged and bare than Exmoor and it doesn’t have as much wildlife.

On Exmoor we have wonderful woodlands and valleys, many with rivers and streams running through, such as the beautiful River Barle. A very popular spot is Landacre Bridge on the road to Withypool. Families go there in the summer to swim and have picnics. The bridge is the oldest on Exmoor.

Of course Exmoor is most famous for its red deer and also its Exmoor ponies. Dartmoor does have its own breed of ponies but they are less numerous, as are their red deer.

If you want to find out more about Exmoor ponies, have a look at the website of The Moorland Mousie Trust and Exmoor Pony Centre near Dulverton,, run by Val Sherwin and her team, which does a wonderful job in caring for and promoting our moorland ponies.

A place I have come to know well this summer is Exmoor Zoo on the edge of the moor near Bratton Fleming. Danny and Lynn Reynolds and their family and staff have done a great job in turning it into an excellent place for a day out. All the animals are well looked after in lovely surroundings and I have been so impressed going there over the summer to give wildlife talks. Everyone is so friendly and they do great food in their café.

I’ll be there again next summer, every Wednesday through the school holidays, so come along if you are down here on holiday or you live locally and fancy a day out. I will also be doing North Devon Show with them on the first Wednesday in August.

One thing people very often ask me is where is a good place to eat out, so I’m going to tell you some of my favourites.

Somewhere I go regularly is The Stag’s Head in Filleigh where John and Sue do a lovely meal. The Northgate at Aller Cross is also pretty good and The London Inn in Molland does a wonderful T-bone steak.

If you are out on the moor I’d recommend a cream tea in the Tarr Farm Inn at Tarr Steps. Or you could try The Exmoor White Horse Inn in Exford. Whether you want a cream tea or a slap up restaurant meal, it’s a lovely place to go.

I could go on and on as there are so many great places to visit on Exmoor and good places to eat. Maybe I’ll tell you about some others another week.

I’m going to get out with my camera now. I’m planning another video but with the evenings drawing in there’s less and less time to get out and take those daytime shots. God bless and see you again soon.