Aigas update

Thurs 31st May 2012

I didn’t expect to be back with you quite so soon but I just wanted to cover an important omission I made in my last blog post. I didn’t mention Warwick Lister-Kaye, Sir John’s son, who played a huge part in making our stay at Aigas so special.

Warwick was born in the Highlands and brought up at Aigas so knows just about everything there is to know about the area and its wildlife. He has also travelled widely; living, working and travelling in many different countries, which makes him a very interesting chap to talk to.

With his love of the countryside and the creature that inhabit it, and his work as a professional photographer, there was never any doubt that he and I were going to get on well. I would like to thank him for making us so welcome at Aigas and for all the help and support he gave us over the weekend.

I must also mention that the ‘Friends of Johnny’ photo gallery is now up to date, including a couple of pictures from the Aigas weekend. Apologies to anyone who had been waiting a while so see their photo up on the website but we are now back on track.