Auntie Ada

Wed 21st March 2012

The weather has been changeable this week. We had hail the other night. There are lots of birds nesting now and they’re going to get all confused as to whether Spring really is around the corner. On our land in the past few days I’ve seen blue tits taking moss into the nesting boxes I put up. They’ll make a lovely soft lining for their nests with that.

At home I’ve got a very big dove house and the jackdaws are taking sticks in there for their nest. But, you know, they are very funny to watch. They land on the perch outside the hole with a stick in their beak and then they have to reposition the stick so that they are holding it right at the end. Only when they’ve done this can they poke it through the small hole in the dove house. It really is so funny to see. If the weather turns bad again they may stop building. I hope not.

We’ve still got lots of birds on our feeders but there is one species that’s been missing of late and that’s the green finch. I saw one about two months ago but none since. Saying that, I’ve seen a lot of siskins recently, more than normal I’d say. They look like the green finch but are a lot smaller.

Well last week we had a big birthday in our family. I sadly lost my mum a few years ago. With Mother’s Day just gone I’ve thought a lot about her, but this birthday was her sister’s, my Auntie Ada, and she was 100 years old would you believe. She’s the mother of my cousins Barrie and Denise. Me and Julie went down to Fareham near Portsmouth, where Barrie and his wife Jenny live, to get together with some of the family for a celebration. It was a great day, especially watching my Auntie Ada open her birthday card from the Queen. I hope you like this photo of us raising a toast.