Big stags

Tues 20th Dec 2011

Antlers 1 (copy 135px x 180px)I heard a story about a big old stag this week. Geoff, a chap I know who loves the deer and goes out looking for them every weekend, came across something unusual. He was walking by a local river when he spotted a shape protruding out of the waters edge. He thought at first it was a decomposed seal but on further investigation found it to be a large decomposed stag. He couldn’t be sure of its full size as the tops of the antlers were but stuck in the silt and mud. It had obviously been there for some time.

Geoff got hold of his son and asked him to come down with a saw to remove the antlers. They did this, pulled them out of the mud and what a huge weighty pair of antlers they were. From the photos his wife Judy sent me I’d say they were bigger than the largest pair I’ve got.

It must have been some sized stag. Thank you Geoff and Judy for letting me know about this exciting find and I hope to see those antlers sometime.

An extra bit of interest about Geoff and Judy is that their four year old Springer Spaniel is a brother to our Springer Megan.

It’s always a bit sad to hear about the death of an old stag but of course they all have to go sometime. I wonder how he died. Maybe it was just old age. I reckon he must have been at least 12 or 13 years old. Perhaps he drowned for some reason. Had he been shot and wounded? We’ll never know.

I’ve been told another story about a red deer stag, one of the four really big stags on Exmoor. Apparently he’s got some wire caught around his antler and trailing three or four yards behind him. He must have got tangled up in a farmer’s fence. If he can’t shake it off there’s a chance he could get hanged up on something and break his neck. That would be a tragedy.

If he can’t free himself let’s hope he gets through the winter ok because in the second or third week in March he’ll shed his antlers and be rid of the wire.

I’m still trying to get the new camera right for my night time filming. It’s been so cold out this last week that I’ve not been able to make as much progress as I’d hope. I’ll keep trying though.

I had a lovely present this week, a gravestone. It arrived by post. No don’t laugh, this is something rather special. It was sent to Julie and me by Carol and Allan at Timeless Memorials up in Hull. It’s a bit bigger than A4 size, about 1½ inches thick and made of slate, so you can imagine how heavy it is. On the front it’s beautifully engraved with a picture of Bambi and me. It’s to go on her grave. Julie and I are over the moon with it and so grateful. Carol and Allan have done a wonderful job and we can’t thank them enough.

Well we are pretty busy this week with all our preparations for the coming weekend. I’ll be in Barnstaple Pannier market on Christmas Eve so come and say hello if you happen to be in the area. That just leaves Julie and me to wish you all a Very Happy and Peaceful Christmas. God bless you.