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Sat 25th Feb 2012

Well there’s still a little snow left on the hills of Exmoor. There could be more to come seeing as it’s only February but at the moment the weather is quite mild for the time of year.

The news on our land is that all the wild boar have gone. I know the reason for this as I got up there the other day and there was a truck parked up in our gateway, with a Land Rover parked down the bottom of the hill. We reckon there were six people in these vehicles and that they were poaching right there next to our land.

While I was there I met a man and a lady who told me a good old story. They said they’d been for a walk up the valley but I think this was just their cover. Anyway, all the keepers were up there waiting for them as soon as it got dark in case they came back to load up any game they’d left behind. Sure enough, one of the keepers saw them loading something big which must have been a deer or a boar. Now there’s a bit of excitement for you.

I was down Barnstaple market last week, as I am every Tuesday, and people kept coming to my stall very upset over something they’d just seen. In the nearby churchyard there were chaps cutting down all the trees to stop the starlings roosting there. Myself I couldn’t believe it when they told me. The men said they where doing it because of health reasons. Of course the people thought that I could stop them but I couldn’t do anything about it.

You know, starlings don’t stay that long in one place. Anyway, people get some funny ideas sometimes and certainly there are a lot of local people against what’s been done. They say it’s a waste of money for a start as well as being sad to see the trees chopped down.

The last thing I want to tell you about this week is my visit to see a good old mate of mine. It was nice to see him and we had a good old natter. Then on the way home I was coming down a very steep hill when all of a sudden a buzzard came out of the hedge and flew right up over the front my truck, heading for the windscreen. I braked so hard there was smoke coming from the tyres but doing so saved that buzzard’s life. I was so lucky not to kill that bird. I was only able to brake so hard because I was on one of the back roads where there’s rarely any other traffic about. Had it happened on a busy main road, the bird would have been dead as I write to you. I can still picture those talons coming towards me now.

Well that’s all I have for you this week. I hope you’re managing to get out and see some wildlife now the weather is a bit better. With March only a few days away we can finally begin looking forward to Spring. God bless and I’ll see you soon.