New website launched

Mon 17th Oct 2011

Well the day has finally arrived when we are ready to go live with the new website. I hope you like it. There are lots of new features including this blog. People often ask me what I’m up to or what is happening on Exmoor at a particular time of year and a blog seems a good way to let you know. Bear with me as I get into the swing of it but I’ll soon be bringing you regular updates and articles on topics I think will interest you.

Facebook is the next venture and Twitter after that, but one thing at a time I say. (I know my name has been on Facebook for a while but it’s not me. Hopefully that will be sorted soon.) Anyway, watch this space.

As we launch the new website I’d like to give my thanks to Claire, Tom, Tab, Chris and the rest of the team at Kameleon Digital in Barnstaple for all their hard work in building the site. They’ve done an excellent job and been a huge support in helping us add the content.

Life is pretty hectic at the moment. October is the time of the red deer rut on Exmoor so I am busy filming and also taking out extra safaris. I'm also preparing to appear live on the BBC's Autumnwatch this Friday 21st October. More on all of these in my next few posts.