Night filming

Mon 23rd January 2012

Well I’m still busy putting up bird boxes on the land and the blue tits are really liking them for roosting. We’re working very hard at the moment as many birds are already beginning to pair up. I think they’ll be nesting early this year.

Rupert has been helping me set up some more box cameras. I think I told you we put up a tawny owl box. The owls are around but not in the box yet. Of course this may not happen but you got to keep trying. Wildlife can be hard to get sometimes.

Also me and Billy have been putting up birds feeders.  Within two days we had all sorts of birds come to them - blue tits, great tits, great spotted woodpecker, gold finches, marsh tits, long-tailed tits, and another bird you don’t see very often, the tree creeper. The feeders are around the new hide so in the next few days I’ll be trying to film them and also get some still shots. I would love to get a nice still shot of a long tailed tit or tree creeper. I’ll let you know how I get on next week.

Back along I told you about the Bushnell Trophy Cam I have on hire from J.J Vickers & Sons Ltd in Kent. It is so good that I’ve bought three more and I set them up every night. I’m telling you now, it’s great fun putting them up on the trees but the best thing is getting there early in the morning to see the results.

They work with 12 AA batteries and the heat of the animal sets them off. They’ll even pick up something as small as a rat which I filmed the other day. Don’t forget, the pictures and film won’t be so good as in daylight but saying that, if you put an infra red camera beside them you can get very good pictures. They also work very well through the day

For any of you living in North Devon or visiting us down here, I’m in Barnstaple Pannier Market every Tuesday now, until about lunchtime. I’m unusually there up til Christmas but this year have decided to keep going. I hope you’ll come and say hello.