Trophy Cam

Tues 31st January

Well another week has gone by and the weather is still wet and windy. I’ve been going to the hide every day, staying there about five hours. But saying that, I’ve got some very good shots of the long tailed tits which I’m so please with. They are very hard to film ‘cause they don’t keep still very long.

I’ve also managed to get some shots of the nuthatch and great spotted woodpecker but am still trying with the tree creeper. Now this is a bird you only ever see going up a tree. I’ve watched it so many times over the years. It goes up the tree, most times to the top, then flies to another tree where it starts on its way up again. There’s a lot of people don’t know this but you go and watch one and see if I’m right. The nuthatch, on the other hand, goes both ways, up and down.

So how am I going to get a still shot of this busy little bird? I think I’m going to bore a hole in a dead tree near the hide, fill it with a little fat and meal worms and see if the tree creeper will stop to feed. That’s the only thing I can think of at the moment.

Now I must tell you about the dead pheasant I picked up last week. I thought I’d take it down to the land and put it in our wood. I left it there in a place I thought was a regular animal track and put up the trophy cam on a tree to see if I could film something feeding on it or taking it away. Nothing showed for three days then a wild boar and a badger came by in one night. They didn’t take the pheasant though. I went back again the next morning and the pheasant was gone. I think the reason it wasn’t taken earlier was because my scent was on it. I’ve played back the trophy cam and found out it was a badger who had that pheasant for his dinner.

I was looking at the calendar this week and thinking that it won’t be that long before I start my Exmoor safaris again. March 10th is my first one and I go right on until the Red Deer rut in the Autumn, finishing my trips at the end of October.  The dates are filling up fast, with some fully booked already, so if you’re hoping to come with me this year I’d check out my ‘Safaris’ page right away. I’m really looking forward to them. I love showing people my favourite places on Exmoor and finding the red deer and other animals. I meet some lovely folk and have regulars who come back year after year.