Hope Bourne
d. 22nd Aug 2010

I was privileged to know this wonderful Lady of Exmoor for many years. Living out in the wilds in a caravan at Ferny Ball for many of the 60 years she lived on the moor, she truly lived off the land. To feed herself she shot for the pot, fished, kept bantams, grew vegetables and drank from a stream. During the day she’d walk the moor, keeping a diary of what she saw and making sketches. These became a resource for the books she wrote over the years. I met up with Hope for a cup of tea in South Molton just before she died. She was a lovely person to talk to. She’d been reading one of my books and said she loved my stories, but Hope Bourne knew more about Exmoor than anyone. This amazing little lady did so much for Exmoor, promoting it, caring for it and speaking out when necessary. She was 91 when she passed away in 2010 but her spirit lives on. I feel she is there beside me as I try my best to carry on her work of looking after Exmoor.